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You are so close to completing your dream home - all that’s left is the yard. It’s time to enjoy all of your living space, both inside and out.

Living Spaces Outdoor Design plans and implements comprehensive, custom landscape solutions. Our expertise is in refining the way homeowners enjoy the great outdoors. 

After working in her local garden center at 16, Kimberly knew right away that she was going to devote her life to the landscaping industry. As she grew, so did her passion, which has impacted the way dozens of homeowners experience the outdoors.

So whether you have a detailed vision or just a rough idea of what your outdoor living space will be, we know that your land has incredible potential. Through detailed vision planning and multi-dimensional designs, you will be able to experience a taste of the grandeur that will be your outdoor living space. Are you ready for your yard to become your resort, and for every feature to manifest recreation, relaxation, and beauty?

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Every aspect of your design works with the land and expresses your individual tastes, resulting in a completely unique and extraordinary outdoor experience. 


During an initial consultation we'll ask you what you do like, what you don't like, and how you plan to live in the space. With our simple mapping program, we are able to create a design to help you visualize your backyard where you will make memories with your friends and family for the years to come.


Once the landscape design is drafted we will set up another appointment to review everything in detail and finalize the different elements make your backyard unique.

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When you join forces with talented artisans, skilled craftsmen, and horticulture experts, the possibilities for your space become endless. That's the secret to implementing your dream: a passionate, cohesive team. Living Spaces Outdoor Design has the resources and network to bring to life a carefully curated design on all levels and cultivate trustworthy relationships during each phase of the project.

  • Pools, fountains, and other water features

  • Elegant hardscapes

  • Lush plants

  • Artistic features

  • Furnishings

  • Multimedia equipment 

  • Dynamic lighting, and more

Our custom landscape plans are as dreamy and functional in real life as they are on paper. Your vision will come to life as we keep your desires at the forefront, and partner with skillful, reliable craftsmen. 

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Your property has incredible potential and inestimable value. If your house is complete but its surroundings are not, it’s time to plan your luxury landscape.


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