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Cheers to Pittsburgh, Core Values, and Our Mission

May is always an exciting month! The grass is green, the birds are chirping, and flowers are blooming! Not to mention the landscaping industry is in full swing again! Of course May is extra special for Living Spaces Outdoor for two reasons.

The first being that it is our one year mark of being based in Pittsburgh and second- it’s the nine year mark for Living Spaces as a company.

Last year as I was rebranding and relaunching Living Spaces in PA a bunch of old posts started popping up on my Facebook news feed from 2014 when I originally stated the company. Needless to say I was a bit surprised.

Having moved to a new state I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect with the relaunch. A name change from Living Spaces by Kimberly to Living Spaces Outdoor Design was the first thing on my to do list.

2014 Logo
2014 Logo

2020 Logo
2020 Logo
2022 Logo
2022 Logo

From there it all snowballed to completely new branding with a new logo, a new website, and new company colors. (Good bye black and white!) This motivated me to look at the company with an new view as well.

What is Living Spaces? What does this company believe in? What are the values it represents to our clients and the contractors we partner with?

Robert Ingersoll said, “We rise by lifting others.” This is the heart and soul of Living Spaces Outdoor Design.

Slowly as new connections where made and new opportunities with clients presented themselves the values of the company and it’s mission began to take shape.

Passion, Quality, Integrity, Trust, and Curiosity are our core values and our mission is quite simple:

‘Enhance the lives of the people we work with, both personally and professionally, through creating opportunities originally not thought possible.’

Looking back at the past year I believe we are on our way to fulfilling the mission. Through creative design solutions our clients are able to enjoy spending time at home better. Thus by creating unique designs we have the opportunity to work along side some amazing contractors.

Cheers to another amazing year in Pittsburgh!

Dreaming of an outdoor living space? We'd love to dream with you, contact us! Pittsburgh, core values, mission


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