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Warming Memories: FIRE PITS

A few weeks ago I was looking at past projects with fire pits

and I asked my friend which design he liked more.

“Neither. I prefer wood burning.”

Cue the eye roll.

Should have guess he was ‘Team Wood Burning’ and not ‘Team Gas Burning’ when it come to fire pits. This debate is always interesting because of the strong opinions surrounding both options.

Personally I love gas burning fire pits. Mostly because they are so easy to turn off and with kids that’s another thing I can count that makes life a little bit easier.

They also allow for more flexibility in the design, and can create a wide variety looks from small table top burners, to linear contemporary fire pits and even the eye-catching, exotic look of fire bowls sitting on top of columns with a fountain spillway in-between that cascades into a pool (Curious about that one? Summer 2023!)

Wooding burning on the other hand… it’s rustic… it’s traditional… it’s a reminder of simpler times and the aroma of the flame often invokes memories from long ago. Listening to our clients share epic stories of sitting around a campfire with those closest to them are the moments that warm more than fingers and toes.

Those moments truly warm our souls.

So back to the great debate…wood burning or gas burning?

Or are we asking the wrong question? Maybe the right question is how do you see yourself living in this space and what kind of memories do you want to create with those closest to you? I think that’s the real question we need to ask ourselves, and it’s what I ask my clients when trying to decide the direction they want to go.

If you are thinking of adding a fire pit or other fire feature to your home this year but are not sure what’s the best option for you the LSOD team would love to sit down and help you weigh out the options. Contact us!


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