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Paving the Way to Sustainability: The Impact of Permeable Pavers in Western PA

In the dynamic landscape where urban development and environmental consciousness converge, Western Pennsylvania, and particularly Pittsburgh, is making significant steps towards sustainably. Particularly by the adoption of permeable pavers to deal with stormwater management.

Notably, municipalities like Hampton Township are leading the charge, mandating permeable surfaces for new patios and outdoor spaces.

I think most people - including myself - are all for sustainability but wonder; what are permeable pavers? What is stormwater management? And how does this affect me and my backyard?

Mika Paver by Techo-bloc
Stormwater Management: A Crucial Role

The permeable paver revolution lies its ability to let water gracefully infiltrate the ground beneath it. instead of running off in to other parts of the yard. Traditional impermeable surfaces (concrete, asphalt, traditional pavers) exacerbate stormwater runoff, burdening drainage systems, causing erosion, and polluting water bodies.

Permeable pavers allow for a more natural drainage process, allowing rainwater to seep into the soil gradually. This not only aids in recharging groundwater but also alleviates the strain on stormwater infrastructure, mitigating the risk of floods and water contamination.

Consequently the less stain on the drainage infrastructures also means less maintenance and repair which helps keeps our monthly water and sewage bills from increasing. Lower bills and less local taxes is always a win!


Beyond Stormwater: A Symphony of Environmental Benefits

The positive environmental impact of permeable pavers extends beyond stormwater management too!

They actively contribute to mitigating the urban heat island effect by facilitating water-induced surface and air cooling through evaporation. This feature becomes particularly crucial in urban settings like Pittsburgh, where rising temperatures pose challenges to both residents and the local ecosystem.

Additionally the use of permeable pavers aligns seamlessly with the city's commitment to green infrastructure. Their integration into urban planning promotes biodiversity, improves air quality, and nurtures a more sustainable urban environment.

Aquastorm Permeable Pavers by Techo-bloc

As Pittsburgh and Western PA evolves, permeable pavers offer a tangible solution to harmonize development with environmental stewardship.

Durable, Practical, and Versatile Solutions

Permeable pavers themselves are evolving too! Leading manufacturers like Unilock and Techo Bloc offer a variety of permeable options, allowing for customized and sustainable outdoor spaces for private backyards and public areas alike.

Thinking about enhancing your home or community space with permeable pavers? We'd love to help.


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