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Raised Fire Pit and Patio Project in a Tight Space

This family reached out to me in the Spring of 2020 wanting a design for their backyard that would make it more usable for young kids. They had a walk out basement that lead to a very narrow and steep backyard. There was also a large deck on one side of the walk out and retaining wall on the other.

It was difficult layout to be working with for any designer, and it ended up being one of my favorite designs. I love a good challenge and I love small spaces. They require a lot of thought and attention to detail to make sure every inch of the project makes sense.

Dealing with the existing deck was one of the most challenging aspects of the design. It was in a very inconvenient place to build a patio and it wasn’t practical or in the budget to tear it down and rebuilt it.

In an effort to expand the useable space under it and draw attention away from the retaining wall, I ended designing a seating wall to go around the deck posts that transition into a seating wall around the fire pit. Due to the elevation of the backyard there are actually steps up to the fire pit which create an elevated landing with amazing views to the pond.

It was such a fun design to work on and the family loved it!




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