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One day when I was a college intern for a landscaping company in Chicago I asked my mentor what type of projects he liked the best. “Small Spaces. There is just something about them that requires more attention.” At the time I assumed this was because he had recently won an award for a small backyard garden in the North Shore.

hillside, before photo, Wexford PA custom home design

However that answer stuck with me throughout my career, and made me think about every project I worked on. After a while I realized that I also like small spaces.

Every inch of the project needs to be taken into consideration and it’s potential maximized to create the best space possible

As I’m designing a project (large or small) I’m constantly questioning the flow of people in the space, and how they walk through it. I have to take into consideration the type of furniture that fits, and the type of plants that can be used, and of course the view. Is this space providing the best view?

Everywhere, particularly Western PA, the view is always important. With all these gorgeous rolling hills covered in a mixture meadows and soft woodlands it would be a shame not to take them into consideration when designing a project.

The view, the small space, and the flow of traffic where the main focus when designing a recent project in Wexford, PA. The backside of the house was a small walkable but sloping backyard that transitioned into a steep hillside ravine with a gorgeous steam, and wooded areas.

Design layout for a custom home in Wexford Pennsylvania
Design Layout

The best views, however, where not directly outside the door. They where to the right- which was also the steepest area of the yard and it would require the most retention with a substantial retaining wall.

However a large retaining wall didn’t fit with my client’s goals.

In the designing process I wanted the view of the ravine to be the focus, and at the same time make the project cost effective. Cue endless time spent in the concept phase.

Finally I settled with the patio on a 15 degree angle. When taking into consideration the flow of traffic, the slope of the backyard, and the gorgeous view of the hillside it just made sense.

Most importantly the homeowners I was working with loved it too.

At the end of every project we coordinate a final walkthrough to make sure everything is in order, and I cannot adequately express my joy when listening to my client’s excitement at the end of a completed project.

Serene Outdoor Living patio

After photos, landscape design, paver patio in Wexford Pennsylvania with Unilock and Techo Bloc pavers
Completed Patio

I love designing, but more importantly I love helping people create the backyard space of their dreams so they can spend time with family and make memories together.

Pavers by Techo-Bloc

Retaining wall block by Unilock


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