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Armina Stone: Curated Natural Stone in Cheswick, PA

Last week we took a quick trip to Armina Stone to look at granite. We have an outdoor kitchen project coming up so it was important to see the options we are considering using in person.

It was my first time visiting the Cheswick location and the word ‘amazing’ falls short in describing how spectacular this facility is. Upon seeing rows and rows of granite, quarts, quartzite, and marble I turned to my host Taylor and said ‘I could stare at these slabs all day. How do you even know where to begin?’

As it turns out, Taylor and all of her co-workers have a keen eye for picking out the subtle yet distinct color variations in each slab. She also admitted that every time a new shipment arrives, the staff at Armina inspect nearly every piece, familiarizing themselves with the character of the stone, and debating on what colors and applications would best bring out that character.

Of course this attention to detail and passion starts at the top. The president, Emre Basman, travels around the world visiting different quarries, hand picking the stone slabs and ensuring they meet the company's standards. Considering that Armina is the largest granite supplier and fabricator in Pittsburgh that’s quite a feat!

Although not the best choice for the outdoor kitchen we’re working on- my favorite piece was a black exotic stone from Madagascar that was speckled with iridescent flecks and shimmered in the light. It was quite amazing, and photos can’t capture its radiance properly. Truly some of these pieces were so stunning they could make phone backgrounds in my opinion.

The outdoor kitchen we’re designing will be constructed of Graphix wall block by Techo-Bloc in the Onyx black color. After showing Taylor the layout and color choices of the project, she was able to point me in the direction of several white and black pieces of granite that would look beautiful with the design, and I know our client will love them too!


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