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Pergolas add so much to a backyard space. Whether they are attached to the house or set further away to create a gathering space, it’s amazing how much architectural interest they add to a home.

In fact, a few weeks ago we finished the installation of a pergola at one of our projects in Mars, PA, and it has completely changed the feel of the backyard. I had been visiting the project on a weekly basis up till that point and I was awestruck as I rounded the corner of the house. It truly elevates the space by creating a captivating view at eye level.

The majority of the project had been completed and the pergola was one of the final touches as we hunkered down for winter weather. This particular pergola was placed on the backside of the pool in an area we nicknamed ‘The Rose Garden.’

High on our client’s wish list was both a rose garden for cuttings and a pergola with bistro lights (also known as Edison lights) hanging from the rafters. Keeping that in mind we combined the two features.

As I poured my thoughts and ideas into the design I envisioned a space where our client would be gathering her friends in the garden for a formal dinner. Path lights would guide each guest as they stepped further into the serenity of the garden and away from the rush of their normal daily activities.

The overhead rafters of the pergola would make the space feel more intimate and inviting without blocking the gentle twinkle of the stars overhead and fragrant roses nearby. For the movie buff reading this I imagined a scene similar to the garden party hosted by Judi Dench’s character Armande in the film Chocolat (2000).

Although a traditional pergola was utilized in the design mentioned above, pergola’s can be customized to fit any style. From Contemporary to modern, square to triangular, and from fan shaped to lean-to. They can be constructed with cedar, and even aluminum such as a structureX pergola with mechanical louvres and keep the rain out but can be opened on a sunny day.

We love the small details and fine features, so pergolas are definitely at the top of the list of our favorite features to place in a backyard. See some of our favorite 2022 pergolas below and if you want to add a pergola to your outdoor living space this year, don't hesitate to contact us!


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