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Natural Flagstone Patio and Deck

Despite the fact that the majority of my patio designs are linear with strong geometric shapes there is always something about a small natural stone patio that intrigues me. I usually find myself pulled into this more rustic design style when the property I’m working at has a secluded woodland feel or more open -but still private- prairie type views.  

Often the homeowners who want this design style have a love for the great outdoors and enjoy hiking and/or camping together and want to bring memories of roasting s’mores over campfires home and into their very own backyard. They want their outdoor living space to feel organic.

In the late summer of 2020 Rich and Melissa were referred to me by another client. They had been researching companies for the installation of a deck along with some landscaping that included a small patio with a fire pit and plants around the perimeter of the yard that would give them privacy and attract wildlife.

Their property backed up to a line of trees that filtered their view of an open grassy field. Catty-corner to them were views of a pond that added to the oasis feel of their backyard.

The homeowners had contacted several companies for a design in hope of moving forward with the company whose design was the best. After several revisions they chose Living Space’s Outdoor Design and contracted the installation with our partner, Property Pros. 

The project was completed late in the year so when spring 2021 rolled around their deck and patio were ready for use! 

As I completed the final walkthrough with my clients I was in awe of how transformed the backyard was. The combination of a composite deck, natural stone patio, boulder fire pit, and native plants really added to the space.

I was excited to see the landscaping mature over the years especially since Property Pros was contracted for the maintenance after the installation. Although I now live in Pittsburgh, I recently took a trip to Indianapolis and made a special stop at this property to visit with Rich and Melissa. 

Melissa is an avid bird watcher and has added feeders and houses to attract her favorite species. As she gave me a tour of the gardens I was speechless of all the wild birds, butterflies, and other creatures that now inhabited the space. Their backyard had transformed into both a personal oasis and a micro-ecosystem.

This project has turned into one of my favorites- partly because of the design but most importantly because of the friendships developed through this project. On my next trip to Indianapolis I will surely be stopping by their home again to say and take another tour of their backyard.

Design by: Kimberly at Living Spaces Outdoor Design

Installation by: Property Pros


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